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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Oh, you...!

Stop being silly... the statue, not me!
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5694)

Oh almighty Anubis

What are they asking for?
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5700)

You will loose

My palm tree is longer than yours
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5702)

Palm Fighting

This might be a long forgotten ritual from the old Egyptians, who knows..
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5704)


These old tombs are amazing. So...where is the exit...?
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5708)

Swip takes over from Anubis

What if Anubis where a Kangaroo?
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5713)


Change of roles
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5717)

..and down

Repeat until Jimmy feels enough beeing worshiped
(Jimmy, Swip, pic#4A6A5719)