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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Fancy meeting you here! Wanna hang out?
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0656)


With Anubis, like true tourists!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0659)

Selfie time!

Look mom! We've been to Egypt!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0661)

Are you sure?

I'm a bit scared... do you have to peek into that thing?
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0663)


Careful where you put that thing!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0664)

Now I'm curious

Must be my feline side... what's inside?
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0665)

Oh no!

The mummy is gone!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0666)

Curse of the mummy

Back! I tell you! Leave me alone!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0671)


Ow, stop it! First the torch, now the whip?
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0676)


All is well again!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0678)

I'm telling you

We should not have opened this sarcophagus!
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0680)


More to the left, this is just the sports seciton...
(Hokindr, Johnny Colt, pic#4A6A0683)