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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Tomb inspection!

At ease, we are just checking for dust...
(Herzog Silverfang, pic#4A6A1430)


This tomb makes for a nice backdrop. Let's loot it later.
(Herzog Silverfang, Silva, pic#4A6A1431)

Offering to the king

Please accept this as a token of my loyalty...
(Herzog Silverfang, Silva, pic#4A6A1433)

Over there!

See! That peasant didn't bow before us!
(Herzog Silverfang, Silva, pic#4A6A1437)


The enemy is right over there! Bring 'em down!
(Herzog Silverfang, Silva, pic#4A6A1439)

Like that!

See? Just like that sample here, make sure it looks authentic!
(Herzog Silverfang, Silva, pic#4A6A1443)

Mummy? Curse?

I'm sure I got that translation wrong, let's open it!
(Herzog Silverfang, Silva, pic#4A6A1444)