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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Group Photo

Posing with Anubis
(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0285)

A Sarcophagus!

Just a peek!
(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0289)

The Gods

Please dont curse me!
(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0291)

Avoiding the Curse

We did nothing Wrong!
(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0293)

Fighting for the Treasure

(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0296)

Mummy Aotora

Watch out with that open flame! Mummies are flamable!
(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0301)

Mummy Aotora

Swordplay? Why not?
(Aotora, Han, pic#4A6A0308)