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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Just hanging out, wanna join in?
(Fynnian, Whire, pic#4A6A1205)

The king

Bow before the new king!
(Fynnian, Whire, pic#4A6A1208)

Found it!

There, I told you we'd find that statue in here!
(Fynnian, Whire, pic#4A6A1211)


Mind the open flame! Careful where you put that!
(Fynnian, Whire, pic#4A6A1217)


Curse? Mummy? Naw, must be some translation mistake...
(Fynnian, Whire, pic#4A6A1222)


Stay away from me! I am armed!
(Fynnian, Whire, pic#4A6A1225)