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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Egyptian Ferret

Ferretti comes with a proper outfit
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5810)

Colleague of Anubis

Fuzzy ferret god of mischief and stealing shiny things
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5812)


Raising the dead?
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5818)

Where is Ferretti?

There is a ferret hidden in the wall painting, do you find it?
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5823)

Fuzzy Ferrettit the First

Is this the beginning of a new ferret dynasty
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5824)


Anubis is so huge
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5833)

Tangled in bandages

Even civilized ferrets can not resist to play with wiggly things
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A5838)