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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Fancy meeting you here!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0030_1)

Here, see?

I told you to take a left at the giant rock trap!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0032_1)

Where are we?

I don't know, I lost track!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0034_1)

Almost there!

I think we need to go that way!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0037)

Careful! that a whip? Indy?
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0045)

The new king!

All bow before him!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0054)

See, like this!

No, more to the right and less shading!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0066_1)


(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0070_1)


Let's see if the natives care for shiny stuff!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0076_1)


Rubber tree fight!
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0085_1)

Walk like... know, right?
(Futeko, Torajin, pic#4A6A0092)