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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Fresh from the tree!
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1128)

Hand it over!

...and nobody will get hurt.
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1135)

Let's sneak up

He'll never notice if we team up!
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1139)

The king and his guards

You may bow, but don't get any funny ideas!
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1144)

The king

With his guards right behind him.
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1148)


Well, the king should not always have people bihind himself...
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1151)

Adventure time!

Yes guys! I think this is the god of the dead.
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1153)

Checking up

I think it mentions something about a curse? Anybody want to open it anyways?
(Electronicbird, Funkystrip, Shadow, pic#4A6A1158)