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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Just sit still up there, you'll be safe!
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1314)

What's that?

Ah, just gossip and sports.
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1318)

Stand back!

Don't get any ideas!
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1324)

All ready!

Where is that tomb? I sense some treasure!
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1327)


I wonder if that idol is the one...
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1329)

The offering

O great Anubis, please take this small offering!
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1333)


The death ceremony is about to begin!
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1336)

What Mummy?

Checking up on that sarcophagus - Let's home there's nothing bad in there.
(Fenris, pic#4A6A1338)