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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Posing with Anubis

Looking cool
(Fauho, pic#4A6A9795)


He looks so muscular
(Fauho, pic#4A6A9802)


Just hanging around
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9805)


This sarcophagus is pretty comfy
(Fauho, pic#4A6A9810)

Waking up

Did the thing just move?
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9812)

Getting Scary

I have a bad feeling
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9816)

What should we do?

Do you know what happens in these mummy films?
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9818)

Close it

Better safe than sorry
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9828)

Egyptian Style

Are we doing this right?
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9833)


Scaring the tourists
(Fauho, Jenari, pic#4A6A9843)