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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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The mask!

Hmmm... something's different about you?
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6204)

You can't have that!

Nope, Anubis needs this!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6207)

On your knees!

I tell you: Praise Anubis!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6216)


no, not like that!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6219)

Look out!

He's alive!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6224)


*sigh* really?
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, pic#4A6A6231)


Anyone can relax under a palm tree... how about ON a palm tree?
(Draconigen, pic#4A6A6232)

Wuff - portrait

I'm ready for my close-up!
(Draconigen, pic#4A6A6233)

Curse of the mummy!

Look out! He's coming after us!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6246)

Oh no!

Hopefully the sward will be more effective agains him!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6250)

The king

At your service!
(Draconigen, Luno Wroo, Remulo, pic#4A6A6260)