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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Group Picture

Greetings from Egypt!
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9526)

The king's guard

Don't come any closer!
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9532)

The king's guard #2

No, you still aren't allowed to clome closer!
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9536)


Fancy meeting you here! Wanna join?!
(Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9544)


Oh, just come over here!
(Darteri, pic#4A6A9554)

Stand back!

Don't disturb our god!
(Darteri, pic#4A6A9575)

Need a light?

Let me be your guide in the dark!
(Darteri, pic#4A6A9578)

Ready to explore!

The gang is ready to find out who is in the tomb
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9584)

Group Photo

Are we ready for this?
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9587)

Get that light over here!

I can't read the spell!
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9592)

Best before...?

I think this might be a bit over the date...
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9596)


Hold still!
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9601)

Wrapping it up...

That's it, we got you covered!
(Christian, Darteri, ESC, pic#4A6A9608)