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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Guard duty

Geez, I hope this is over soon - my nose itches!
(Charlie Blufur, pic#4A6A6442)

Just fixin' it!

I think there's a spelling error here!
(Charlie Blufur, pic#4A6A6447)

Some additions

I think these need some details.
(Charlie Blufur, pic#4A6A6449)

Offers for the king

Let's hope the cat approves!
(Charlie Blufur, Oskar, Sehkeba, pic#4A6A6452)

Guard duty

Again, this time for our royal family
(Charlie Blufur, Oskar, Sehkeba, pic#4A6A6455)

Eat cake?

What? No way! O wait, that was France...
(Charlie Blufur, Oskar, Sehkeba, pic#4A6A6458)

The mummy!

Look out! It's aliiiiiive!
(Charlie Blufur, Oskar, Sehkeba, pic#4A6A6466)

What's in here?

I can't take the tension!!!
(Charlie Blufur, Oskar, Sehkeba, pic#4A6A6469)


You're it!
(Charlie Blufur, Oskar, Sehkeba, pic#4A6A6474)