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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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All alone in here, come on, let me hold your hand
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1098)

Oh Anubis!

Please send some good luck to your humble servant!
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1102)


Oh Anubis, please take my offering of this... zucchini?
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1107)

What's this?

Something about a curse and a mummy?
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1113)


Can't leave that profanity here...
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1118)

The new king!

Bow before me, royal subjects!
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1122)


OK, OK. I'll accept that offer.
(CeCilion, pic#4A6A1125)