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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Group Photo

Booly and Bacary
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9370)

Group Photo

Booly looks so colourful in the dusty tomb
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9372)


A sarcophagus
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9378)


Why do you whip me?
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9385)


against the raised mummy
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9395)

Artist at work

You missed a spot right there
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9397)


Now it looks right
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9402)


Sneaking around Anubis
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9411)

Throwing Cats?

The Paraoh will not be amused!
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9414)

Sentence follows

Bow to the cat and ask for apology
(Bacary, Booly, pic#4A6A9424)