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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Here, you see?

That line should not be there!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9678)

Get over here!

...or we shall erase you!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9683)

Palm fight!

Pool toys in the tomb... really?
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9686)


Guys!? Can you take your goofing off somewhere else, I'm trying to work here!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9689)

Rewriting history

Let's see... what should we put down as "cause of death?"
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9692)

The new king!

Don't come any closer!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9694)

The old king!

Let's get that question of succession sorted out now!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9695)

Oh no, you don't!

Drop that sword!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9698)


Yes, it's a statue!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9700)

Atrifact #42

Can you read that?
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9704)

Ah, yes!

I knew it! He was a plumber!
(Bolt, Fex, Noroth, pic#4A6A9709)