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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Nice to see you, have you met Anubis?
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6386)

Ready for exploration

Protection. Check. Light. Check.
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6389)

What's that?

The inscription says something of a curse?
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6395)


No! Mine!
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6397)


I like it too... :(
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6402)


Let's fix that!
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6404)

All hail Anubis!

The mighty god of the dead.
(Blue Mouse, Kaida, pic#4A6A6409)