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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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I have arrived, ready for my close up!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0594)


Hmm... just the latest gossip about the queen and some roman emperor...
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0595)


What curse? It just says "do not open before Christmas 500 B.C."... Why is that strange?
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0599)

Fixin' typos

Even back then they used leet speech from time to time. Can't have that on here!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0603)

Whip it!

And... I mean that literally!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0605)

Tree hugging

Level: Beginner. Rubber palm trees aren't as tough as the real thing!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0611)

Anubis Selfie

Look mom! I've been to Egypt!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0616)

The new king!

Bow before me, royal subjects!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0618)


Can I keep him? He followed me home!
(Blackymoon, pic#4A6A0621)