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Eurofurence 2017 Fursuit Photoshoot
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The Mystery

What's inside?
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0063)

Opening the sarcophagus

(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0065)

Posing like egyptians!

Hey, Sideways!
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0068)


I wonder if that was part of the embalming ceremony?
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0070)

Nerissa and Arikh

Guarding the gods.
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0073)


Group Photo!
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0076)

Nerissa and Arikh

Posing some more
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0079)

Nerissa and Arikh

Casual posing
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0082)

Do it like egyptians!

When in Egypt...
(Arikh, Nerissa, pic#4A6A0084)