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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h40 (2115))
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Hanging out

Nothing to do but wait for the 90s!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0604)

Getting tired...

...sitting down for a change.
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0608)


Live and canned variety!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0611)


Live and canned variety!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0612)


Not a proper band if there wasn't some gimmick involved!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0614)

Move it!

Left, right, left... hey, the other left!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0619)

Weigthed exercise

...only with the finest gold! Nothing else is good enough!
(Jason, pic#A49A0621)


Look at them clouds... so tranquil!
(Elvin, pic#A49A0625)


What can I do to be more cute? If there is such a thing?
(Elvin, pic#A49A0626)

Pew! Pew!

Playing some good old 8bit games! Those 16 bit systems will never take off!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0629)


I won! You lost!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0633)


Now who has won? Take that!
(Elvin, Jason, pic#A49A0635)