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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h30 (2435))
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Where's the tiger?!
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0568)

There he is!

And he brought a kitty!
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0572)

Me, cute?

Are you sure? Just a cat and a box here...
(Lee Taiger, pic#A49A0573)

Move it!

...or not. This thing is heavier than it looks!
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0576)


That little one looks more like a good victim!
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0582)

"Magic cube"

Look, it floats! For a fraction of a second at least...
(Lee Taiger, pic#A49A0585)

Go, go!

Play it, rock it!
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0586)

Oh no!

Not our only copy of the final episode of McGyver!
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0592)


Like... scotch tape? Duct tape? What is this thing?
(Lee Taiger, Wahya, pic#A49A0600)