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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h20 (2173))
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Does this turn? Let's try again!
(ismatori, Crupier, pic#A49A0535)

Hello there!

Just hanging out here in the 80s! Wanna join?
(ismatori, Crupier, pic#A49A0539)

Cetting comfy

A little more to the right please!
(ismatori, Crupier, pic#A49A0541)

Rock it!

80s style! Eventuelly we'll learn how to play that guitar!
(ismatori, Crupier, pic#A49A0545)

Up next!

We will rock you! No, that is not a threat! Stay!
(ismatori, Crupier, pic#A49A0548)


Come on ladies! Feel the burn!
(ismatori, Crupier, pic#A49A0552)

Taking a break

Too much exercise causes sweat!
(ismatori, pic#A49A0559)


Let's try that aerobic thing... or not?
(ismatori, pic#A49A0562)


Get into the rhythm!
(Crupier, pic#A49A0564)

Close up music!

Even better up close! Yeah!
(Crupier, pic#A49A0566)