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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 18h45 (2801))
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Fancy meeting you here!
(Soturo, pic#A49A0455)


Just standing here, nothing to do...
(Soturo, pic#A49A0456)

Hey there!

Getting comfy up here!
(Sander, pic#A49A0457)


What are you looking at? Me?
(Sander, pic#A49A0459)

Surf it!

It's the 80s! Far out!
(PainFree, pic#A49A0460)

Getting comfy

Why don't you join me up here?
(PainFree, pic#A49A0461)


Hello, tech support? Our VCR exploded!
(PainFree, Soturo, Sander, pic#A49A0463)

Oh well...

we are NOT going to see that season finale of McGyver
(PainFree, Soturo, Sander, pic#A49A0464)

Rock it!

Go buy our new album!
(PainFree, Soturo, Sander, pic#A49A0465)

Flea market

Hey, look at all that high-tech! Gotta pick up everything here!
(PainFree, Soturo, Sander, pic#A49A0468)