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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 15h00 (1531))
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Hanging out the 80s!
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9912)


Hey, let go! I need that!
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9921)

Play it!

And feel the music!
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9927)

Me? Cheat?

No way! Take that back!
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9934)

Beat you!

Ha! Totally beat you at tetris again!
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9936)

Fursuit Photoshoot EF22

Fursuit Photoshoot at EF22
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9938)

Take that!

Now who is better?
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9939)


Umm... I'm pretty sure that is not edible?
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9946)

Listen to that beat!

Now if we only could agree on a song!
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9958)

Guess who?

Ummm.. Mom?
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A9966)