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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h30 (1648))
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Great Find dude!

Lets put it in our living room!
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9768)

Moving? Me?

No! I swear, I was just... umm... assessing the weight?
(Bladewolf, pic#A49A9769)


Can I have this? It wold fit in my living room!
(Tokky Foxena, pic#A49A9770)

Yes, keeping this!

Now I just need to find a way to put it on a plane...
(Tokky Foxena, pic#A49A9771)

Hey mom!

Dad Shrunk us!
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9773)


It's fun, but it'll never catch on...
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9775)

Only youuuuuu

Stop it with the howl!
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9777)

Whoa look!

one of those fancy portable cameras!
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9778)

HEy stop!

I told you we shouldnt touch it!
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9780)


best graphics ever!
(Tokky Foxena, Bladewolf, pic#A49A9781)