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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h30 (1057))
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Saturday Night Hoof

And now for something completely different
(Zarak, Nighthoof, pic#A49A9714)

News flash

Furries are on the loose again in Berlin!
(Zarak, Nighthoof, pic#A49A9716)


Always fighting
(Zarak, Nighthoof, pic#A49A9718)

You gotta fight ...

... for your right to party
(Zarak, Nighthoof, pic#A49A9719)

Feel the beat

Stomp your hooves
(Zarak, Nighthoof, pic#A49A9722)


Will it save us?
(Zarak, Nighthoof, pic#A49A9724)