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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h40 (6601))
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Aurora and DanzZ

Hello over there!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1157_1)

Our cute friend!

He doenst bite!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1160_1)

My new record!

Thank you, you can talk to my manager for the next concert schedule!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1162_1)


Those computers are sweeeeet!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1164_1)

C64 crash

I told you to not press escape!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1167_1)

C64 Aftercrash

Don't be sorry, i have a backup
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1171_1)


We are going to be the next Star Wars!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1175_1)

The voice!

The new star!
(Aurora Xepter, DanzZ, pic#A49A1177_1)