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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h20 (6232))
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The crew

Assembled and ready for mischief!
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1109_1)


What's that over there?
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1111_1)

The Band

Thank you, we will be here all week!
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1114_1)

GO! No the other left!

Move it! Move! No, Up! Down! ARGH!
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1117_1)


Told you I'll get it!
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1120_1)

My turn!

There, we go! Now who's your daddy?
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1123_1)

I won!

What was that about daddy?
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1126_1)


That music video is going to rock!
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1130_1)

Calling tech-support calculator crashed! Can you believe that?
(KatariaWolf, BerkWolf, Skeppo, pic#A49A1134_1)