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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h10 (6451))
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Flaky and Plush-Doggy

Getting comfy!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1079_1)

Hi guys!

Just hanging oround and waiting for the pictures!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1081_1)


No matter what he says, Flaky is so dreamy!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1082_1)

Thats some nice beats!

(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1085_1)

Nice Licks!

Guitar Licks of course!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1087_1)

Garange Band!

Looking for a drummer now!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1089_1)

Come here

I'll carry you !
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1091_1)

Nice memories!

Haha you looked cute as a kid!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1095_1)

Oh noes!

I told you to use the rewinder!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1097_1)


Sorry, I'm sure its just a typo...
(Plush-Doggy, pic#A49A1099_1)

C64 crash

It's all pink now!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1101_1)

C64 games

I beat you at super Gianna Sisters!
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1104_1)

Thumbs up!

Going to do some aerobics! Wanna join?
(Plush-Doggy, Flaky, pic#A49A1107_1)