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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h00 (6897))
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Come here and join in
(Luki, pic#A49A1054_1)

Waiting for you

Why are you not here?
(Luki, pic#A49A1056_1)


Get the bass rolling
(Luki, pic#A49A1058_1)

Move it

With he power of the boombox
(Luki, pic#A49A1060_1)

Jumbo Pop

Doesn't look so big on me
(Luki, pic#A49A1062_1)


Playing it like a pro
(Luki, pic#A49A1065_1)

Vintage gamer

Playing until the joystick breaks
(Luki, pic#A49A1069_1)


Help me, please!
(Luki, pic#A49A1074_1)

Problem solving

Hand me a pen, I got this!
(Luki, pic#A49A1075_1)

The call

We have to talk
(Luki, pic#A49A1076_1)