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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 18h30 (6808))
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Hanging out

on our comfy cube
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0935_1)

How are you?

Fine! How are you?
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0940_1)

Red nose

Need some new color?
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0942_1)


We need to get you ready for the stage show!
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0948_1)


I like your popsicle
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0950_1)


This looks heavy, I'm gonna help you with it!
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0957_1)


Not really, but this sould work anyways
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0964_1)

Remote control

Let's see what we can do now
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0969_1)


Now dance!
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0971_1)


Who is in control now?
(Taiku, Saphi, pic#A49A0977_1)


This is my favourite color!
(Taiku, pic#A49A0980_1)

New hair

What do you think?
(Saphi, pic#A49A0987_1)


(Saphi, pic#A49A0993_1)