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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 16h30 (6158))
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Hanging around

Waiting for my buddy!
(Furan Ircas, pic#A49A0590_2)


Gonna feel the burn! Otherwise you're doing it wrong!
(Furan Ircas, pic#A49A0591_2)

Is this the place?

Umm... am I in the right spot?
(Tshania Theluji Wingu, pic#A49A0592_2)

Snapping a pic

What is this wonder of instant photo technology?!
(Tshania Theluji Wingu, pic#A49A0595_2)

We will rock you!

Sing with us! You know the words!
(Tshania Theluji Wingu, Furan Ircas, pic#A49A0597_2)

And the final chord!

Thank you! We will be here all week!
(Tshania Theluji Wingu, Furan Ircas, pic#A49A0599_2)

Save some for me!

Hey, don't eat it all! I want some too!
(Tshania Theluji Wingu, Furan Ircas, pic#A49A0601_2)