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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 16h00 (6800))
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No, not the musical
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0539_2)

Feline rock

Cats got some unbelievable skills
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0541_2)


Welcome to our cat concert
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0545_2)

Movie night

Get together and watch some old flicks
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0547_2)


Hope the fun never ends
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0550_2)


Move your feet!
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0553_2)


For the best duet
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0556_2)

Don't blink

I'm trying to take a picture
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0559_2)

Taking pictures

This will look good in our family album
(Torajin, Futeko, pic#A49A0561_2)