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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 15h10 (5842))
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Just hanging around here until we start.
(Hutz, pic#A49A0440_2)


What are you looking at?
(Hutz, pic#A49A0442_2)

The sound of music!

Powered by six D-cells. Can't beat the feeling!
(Hutz, pic#A49A0444_2)

Play it!

One more riff!
(Hutz, pic#A49A0447_2)

Get into it!

Yeah! That's the spirit!
(Hutz, pic#A49A0449_2)

Record holder

...for most records held in a hand!
(Hutz, pic#A49A0452_2)

Tape deck!

Advanced technology! We can now pirate...errr...record our favorite songs!
(Hutz, pic#A49A0454_2)


I think this'll last me some time!
(Hutz, pic#A49A0456_2)