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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 14h15 (5273))
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Rock it!

Play along, it's not playback, I swear!
(Saphiros, Greeny, Luuwaku, pic#A49A0353_2)

Listening of taping...

...decisions, decisions. These video cameras will totally ruin the entertainment industry!
(Saphiros, Greeny, Luuwaku, pic#A49A0356_2)


Is this a little dinosaur making bubbles?
(Saphiros, Greeny, Luuwaku, pic#A49A0358_2)

On no!

You two are NOT going to beat my high score!
(Saphiros, Greeny, Luuwaku, pic#A49A0361_2)


Do you mind? I'm trying to interview you here!
(Saphiros, Greeny, Luuwaku, pic#A49A0363_2)

Rock it!

And we have it on record even!
(Saphiros, Greeny, Luuwaku, pic#A49A0365_2)