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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 13h20 (5604))
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Hello there!

Fancy meeting you here!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0244_2)

Look into my eyes!

(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0246_2)

Rock on!

I'm still waiting for the tape to rewind here...
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0249_2)

Back to Back!

Our new album cover
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0254_2)


And here we go! You have been a wonderful audience!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0258_2)


Now hold it just like that... while I go out for dinner!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0260_2)

Am I using this right?

*sigh*... I don't think so.
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0262_2)

Hurry up!

You are using up this month's budget for that stupid call!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0265_2)

Dialling in!

Come on, hurry up I haven't got all day to answer that radio DJ!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0267_2)

And... Action!

Act for me!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0270_2)

Much better!

Music videos in the 80s have to have the right hairdo!
(Akuma, ManicBlack, pic#A49A0273_2)