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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 13h00 (5815))
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Hello there! Come in and join the fun!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0183_2)

Play it!

Strum that guitar!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0188_2)

Fu[zz]y Top?

Sharp dressed furs!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0192_2)


Turn it up!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0197_2)


Our upcoming music video! With the newest fab in hairstyles!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0199_2)


Sing that final verse!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0200_2)

Reaching for the top

...of the set that is... Go! Go!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0203_2)


Umm... no, we don't have enough money for it. See?
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0209_2)

Ah, skip it!

Let's play anyhow! Pew! Pew!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0212_2)


Snuggles and hugs, two for one!
(Jeetix, Kei, pic#A49A0216_2)