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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 12h20 (5521))
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Wanna join us up here?
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0096_3)

Play that guitar!

Twice the music, twice the fun!
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0101_3)

Rock on!

Yeah! Stylish hair and good 80s music!
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0105_3)


Now sing for me!
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0109_3)

Here let me help!

You aren't making it any better...
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0111_3)

Told you so!

See! Now how are we going to watch McGyver?
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0113_3)


Over there! Don't you see it?
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0115_3)


Let me load up that program...
(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0117_3)


(Joel Fox, Yellowfur, pic#A49A0120_3)