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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 12h10 (5883))
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We made it! Let's start this thing!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0075_3)

Come on...

...if we try a bit harder, it might move!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0077_3)


Getting comfy up here
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0080_3)

Play it!

Strum that guitar!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0082_3)

Yes, move it!

That video is going to be just as awesome as the song!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0084_3)

Rock on!

Eventually, we are going to agree on a song too...
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0086_3)


Not the last episode of McGyver!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0087_3)

Not golden...

...but still, a record. Gimme!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0090_3)

Pew, pew!

I'm gonna win! NOOO!
(JerryLion, Nanook, pic#A49A0093_3)