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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 19h20 (4177))
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How do I look?
(Svix, pic#A49A0055_1)

Hey You!

Come over here!
(Svix, pic#A49A0058_1)


Why are you not over here?
(Svix, pic#A49A0063_1)

High up

And rocking hard!
(Svix, pic#A49A0067_1)

Looking cool

That's how it's done
(Svix, pic#A49A0071_1)

Watch me

I got awesome skills
(Svix, pic#A49A0073_2)


My voice will bewitch you
(Svix, pic#A49A0075_2)

The crowd

Now it's your turn
(Svix, pic#A49A0079_2)

Waiting for you

Whats keeping you?
(Svix, pic#A49A0082_2)

Work hard

I just need to finish this report
(Svix, pic#A49A0084_2)

Play hard

Until the hardware breaks
(Svix, pic#A49A0086_2)