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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 15h45 (3763))
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All fluffy and cute
(Sini, Keeba, Moksha, Shane, pic#A49A0675)


Make some noise!
(Sini, Keeba, Moksha, Shane, pic#A49A0678)

Winning Band

Fortune! Fame! And Fun!
(Sini, Keeba, Moksha, Shane, pic#A49A0689)


Hang out with your mates
(Sini, Keeba, Moksha, Shane, pic#A49A0692)


Friends need to stay close
(Sini, Moksha, pic#A49A0696)

Hold your hand

I am never going to leave you
(Sini, Moksha, pic#A49A0700)

Wolf vs Wolf

This is will get serious!
(Keeba, Moksha, pic#A49A0703)


Only one can win
(Keeba, Moksha, pic#A49A0706)

Hands up

The game is over
(Keeba, Moksha, pic#A49A0710)

Saturday evening

Chilling with friends
(Sini, Keeba, Moksha, pic#A49A0721)

Guitar solo

With you back on the ground
(Shane, pic#A49A0725)


Friends are the best thing in the world
(Sini, Moksha, Shane, pic#A49A0728)


How does it taste?
(Keeba, pic#A49A0733)