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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 15h00 (3317))
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Yo! Music!

Get into the groove!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0526_1)

Hanging around

...listening to my favorite tunes!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0529_1)

Come on!

No, not that way! ...the OTHER left!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0533_1)


And the picture will be ready in just over a minute!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0535_1)


Come on, strike that pose!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0537_1)


Come on, feel that burn!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0542_1)

Recording device

...state of the art music recording device for your home!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0546_1)


Come on, dance to the rhythm!
(Saul GreenFlame, pic#A49A0549_1)