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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 13h45 (3229))
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It's us, just hanging out!
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0419_1)

Rock and roll

God gave Rock and Roll...
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0422_1)

Meet the gang

Yo! Hanging out and listening to our favorite stations... at once.
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0428_1)


Can you hear me? Who? What? Darn conference calls!
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0431_1)


Tell us about your new hairstyle!
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0435_1)


Honestly, it was like that when I opened the box!
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0439_1)


The record holder... holds the record.
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0442_1)

New model!

Now wireless!
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0443_1)


I made it! On the top of the... cube.
(Akahito, Kronos, Larissa, pic#A49A0446_1)