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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h30 (3895))
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Come over to our comfortable cube
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0195_1)

Rocking out

Let's get the beat started
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0203_1)

Heavy bass

Sometimes you need to put the beatbox down
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0207_1)

Back to back

We got the tune, we got the style!
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0213_1)


Old games are the best!
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0215_1)

Life is a game

Sometimes you loose
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0220_1)

Life is a game

Sometimes you win
(Keezy, KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0222_1)

Don't *awoo*

We need to keep this serious
(KemonoWolf, pic#A49A0237_1)

Sly fox

He knows how to get on the cube
(Keezy, pic#A49A0240_1)

Good boy

You did great!
(Keezy, pic#A49A0245_1)