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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h20 (3642))
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Just hanging around here.
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0149_1)

Hi there!

Fancy meeting you here! Care to join us?
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0153_1)


And yes, eventually we might be listening to the same tune...
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0158_1)

Getting into the groove

Yes! It's even better when we dance to it!
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0161_1)

How's this work?

Look at all the nice pixies! - umm... they are called "Pixels!"
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0163_1)


Filming a nice little commercial for this wonderful personal computer.
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0165_1)


Is it me you're calling for?
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0167_1)

Sing along

La-la-laaaa! Speedy Gonzales!
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0172_1)

And now...

...for something more romantic!
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0173_1)

And the award

...goes to us!
(HemiHusky, James Coyote, pic#A49A0181_1)

Just sitting

Getting nice and comfy up here
(James Coyote, pic#A49A0185_1)


(James Coyote, pic#A49A0188_1)


I got all the cute you ever want!
(HemiHusky, pic#A49A0191_1)