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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h10 (3867))
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Where are our drinks?
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0107_1)


No pull!
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0110_1)

Let's play

We've got a game or two
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0113_1)

Guitar heroes

Rocking till the break of dawn
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0115_1)

Round 1

(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0121_1)

And iiii

Will always love youuuu
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0125_1)

Take this!

Hope you like rock music
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0130_1)

Investigative Reporter

Now on the case of dragons with mullets
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0132_1)


With a tangly tape
(Jacky, Anrhok, pic#A49A0136_1)

Cubes and stripes

Gonna get some stars next time
(Jacky, pic#A49A0139_1)

Cat on a cube

Come rescue me
(Jacky, pic#A49A0141_1)

My cube

I can lean on it all I want!
(Anrhok, pic#A49A0144_1)

On top

Staying on the red side of life
(Anrhok, pic#A49A0147_1)