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Eurofurence 2016 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h00 (3692))
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Thinking behind the box for a change!
(Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0072_1)

Hey, look!

It's a camera over there!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0075_1)


Sing for us, don't hold back!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0076_1)

The song...

it goes on and ooooon!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0079_1)

Join in

now with music in the background!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0081_1)

Music Video

And we are shooting the video to go with it too!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0086_1)

Hanging out

...listening to 80s music. Three tracks at a time!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0088_1)

Here, for you!

Hello? You got the wrong number!
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0094_1)

Move over!

Can I join in?
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0098_1)


I control the little cherry! Why won't it move?
(Naxus, Cookie, Fero, pic#A49A0099_1)


Hello there!
(Naxus, pic#A49A0104_1)


Hanging out here, all by myself... everyone else is gone home.
(Cookie, pic#A49A0105_1)