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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h30 (2137))
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Holding hands

They are so cute together
(JD Puppy, Dantee, pic#875A6854)


...or is it just a back massage?
(JD Puppy, Dantee, pic#875A6855)


A mushroom!
(JD Puppy, pic#875A6857)

Sword and Axe in accord

Back to back!
(JD Puppy, Dantee, pic#875A6859)


Those guns don't fire empty
(JD Puppy, Dantee, pic#875A6864)

When mushrooms attack

The canines defend themselves
(JD Puppy, Dantee, pic#875A6866)


...although not from the heavens
(JD Puppy, Dantee, pic#875A6869)

Here whe go

Sometimes even canines can be the kings of the world!
(JD Puppy, pic#875A6876)

A Kiss

For a lovely evening
(JD Puppy, pic#875A6877)


Cause those are mandatory
(JD Puppy, pic#875A6879)

A flower...

...for you
(JD Puppy, pic#875A6881)

Balancing act

That is what noses are for!
(JD Puppy, pic#875A6883)