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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h20 (2150))
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Sneaking around

It is what the bush was made for
(Cato, pic#875A6824)

I found it

...but what was it I needed it for again?
(Cato, pic#875A6826)

On the prowl

Modern kitties hunt with modern weapons
(Cato, pic#875A6830)

Up there

There we need to go!
(Cato, pic#875A6834)

Carefull now

In a moment it will see us
(Cato, pic#875A6837)

These snakes

...really like to hug
(Cato, pic#875A6840)

It is a mushroom

Quick before it runs away!
(Cato, pic#875A6843)


Probalby some dogs overthere
(Cato, pic#875A6845)

It is a chest

Filled with... snakes, it seems
(Cato, pic#875A6851)