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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h10 (2559))
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Really? Little old me?
(ESC, pic#875A6798)


Maybe danger will pass by
(ESC, pic#875A6799)

Oh look

That small one is cute!
(ESC, pic#875A6802)

Now I have two

What should be done with those?
(ESC, pic#875A6803)

Hey a snake

Where is that badger?
(ESC, pic#875A6805)

Watch out!

...for the poison
(ESC, pic#875A6806)

A gun

...and a coyote
(ESC, pic#875A6808)


Wonder what the season is
(ESC, pic#875A6811)


That is usually found in chests, right?
(ESC, pic#875A6815)

Going to make soup

So first slice and dice this mushroom
(ESC, pic#875A6817)

A sign!

But for what?
(ESC, pic#875A6819)

The sword is just a distraction

It is the cute that is killing
(ESC, pic#875A6822)